Technology to recover metal in waste water
There is a technology ever evolving towards futur.`Aquatechfs technology for waste water treatment, which is progressing for the earth Technology to detoxify cyanogen
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Aquatech Company Ltd. is working hard to protect beautiful environment through its various technologies, including technology to treat waste water containing heavy metals, namely, gnew sulfide method (NS process)h and to treat waste water containing nitrogen, and technology to detoxify fatally poisonous gcyanogensh.


2012.5.21 @Aquatech English site update has been completed. Excuse me but PDF files have been deleted because the Japanese reference.
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2012.4.25 @Aquatech has updated web site adding new articles about NS-process and new technology to recover useful metals from sludge containing heavy metals, participating in NEDOfs national project for research and developmentology.
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2011.12.7 Aquatech has sent out to the market a methanol monitor used as a powerful tool for methanol -additive, microbiological denitrification treatment. @ You can use this monitor as it is by attaching to the microbiological treatment device now used.
2011.11.20 New brochure for new sulfide method gNS processh is ready to deliver. You can use it for your system design.